Administrative Professionals Day is around the corner. Here’s your chance to say thanks, great job, I appreciate you. Not that you need a special day to share your enthusiasm or appreciation.  But what better way to tell an office manager, executive assistant, or administrative professional, they’re crushing it! Or take it one step further by giving them a Personalized gift from our Administrative Professionals Day gift guide! Honestly, where would we be without our “right arm”? Totally lost…dazed and confused and sometimes even hungry 🙂  You appreciate everything they do to keep your workplace running efficiently, so make sure you show your appreciation this Admin Day, April 22nd.



A super plush, super cozy monogrammed throw .You have to feel it to believe it! Our ultra-plush throw combines the luxurious look of leather with a sumptuous softness that rivals cashmere. Elegantly monogrammed, someone you care about will love snuggling under it by the fire, on picnics or simply reading on the couch. Exclusively from RedEnvelope.






Does your awesome admin LOVE to read? How about a subscription to the Book of the Month Club. Book club members receive access to author debuts and early releases, and they can select each month’s shipment from five critically acclaimed titles. (Who doesn’t the love smell of a fresh, crisp book?)




Do they love all things chocolate? Are they a caffeine fiend? Or maybe they just need to relax and unwind with wine and a bubble bath – no matter what their tastes are or what they do after hours a custom gift basket has everything you can want and more.


Perfect for an impromptu, in-house happy hour and complete with an adult coloring book! It’s a win-win.  Filled with a variety of tasty munchies that go perfectly with Jose Cuervo margarita mix and salt rimmer. Sip, snack, and be happy!





Some additional fun choices are:

    1.  Offer a nice, long lunch at a local fine restaurant
    2.  Provide a morning or afternoon at a local spa
    3.  Give a gift certificate for dinner (for two) or a night at a hotel
    4.  Arrange for a housekeeper for the day
    5.  Book and pay to have the car tuned-up and detailed
    6.  Provide a family pass to the movies or a show (with popcorn money)
    7.  Arrange for housekeeping, landscaping, drycleaning, or grocery-delivery services on their behalf