Businesses around the country are struggling to respond to the effects of COVID-19. Whether your operation has closed or you’re just struggling to stay relevant in the time of social distancing, communicating with customers is key. In all likelihood, you may need to reach out to customers in multiple ways to really get important messages across. The days of going door to door are over for now the time being. And we all know and understand that It’s tough sitting at home day in and day out not being able to reach out.

How to Stay in Touch With Customers


Send Email Updates

Probably the easiest and most direct way for many companies to stay in touch is by email. Most small businesses already have an email list where they send newsletters or updates about sales or new products. This can be a valuable way to let customers know any changes your business is making right now due to COVID-19 or any specials or updates that may be relevant to them.

Make a Phone Call

If your business has a few important clients that you really focus on, you may want to reach out to them personally by phone. Make sure they know about any changes to your business and answer questions they may have.

Try a Zoom Meeting

Video chat is another option that’s perfect for businesses with clients they work with regularly. This is ideal for communicating with those who you may otherwise meet with face-to-face or in instances where you may need to share visuals.

Host Livestreams

Another real time option for communicating with customers, hosting a livestream allows you to broadcast video messages and interact with viewers. You might host a Q&A session, simple announcement, or some kind of demonstration to help customers during this time.

Post on Social Media

There’s a good chance your company has at least one social media account that you update regularly. This is the perfect way to not only share updates with customers but also to engage with them. Find out what they want from you during this time and build community around this shared experience.


Comment on Online Posts

Social media, blogging, and forum posting are two-way streets. You don’t need to create your own posts to communicate with customers. If you see other posts online that may be relevant, leave a comment.

Publish Blog Posts

If your website has a blog section, a simple blog post here and there can go a long way toward keeping your customers updated. This gives you a space to share long form messages, in case your company has any information to share that doesn’t fit into a tweet or Facebook post.

Start a Podcast

For those who are interested in sharing audio content with customers, a podcast could be the perfect solution. If you don’t already have one, this period where you have extra downtime may be the ideal time to get started. Or you could join another podcast as a guest and then share that episode with your online followers.

Actions speak louder than words, especially during a time like this. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can do to really stay top of mind with customers is to provide them with something they really need or want during this time. This will look different for every business, and may not be possible for some. But for example, a carryout restaurant might offer free delivery to medical workers and first responders. Or an online business that sells virtual courses could make certain content free so people can learn a new skill while they’re sheltering in place. It may not make financial sense in the short term, but people may remember the gesture later on when they can afford to buy additional products or services.