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K Cup Madness Kcup Coffee Gift Basket

K-Cup Madness
K-Cup Coffee Gift Baskets


When a little something needs to speak a lot of volumes, K-Cup Madness is the message you’re looking for! A towering combination of Your choice of two boxes of K-cups joined together with a mouthwatering selection of cookies, pretzels, popcorn and other phenomenal sweets.

Items Included:
  • 2 K-Cup Packs
  • Brent & Sam Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Betty Clarks Caramel Popcorn
  • (2) Walkers Shortbread Cookies
  • American Gourmet Seasoned Pretzels
  • Dolcetto Chocolate Cream Filled Wafer Rolls
  • Biscoff Belgian Biscuits
  • Sheila G’s Chocolate Chip Brownie Brittle
  • (2) Lady Walton Chocolate Wafers

Price: $79.95 

Please choose the K-Cups that you wish to include with your gift from the choices below.

Be sure to make the indicated number of selections!

Please choose 2 items from the following:

Green Mountain Colombian Fair Trade (K-Cups)
Green Mountain Hazelnut (K-Cup)
Green Mountain Breakfast Blend (K-Cup)
Starbucks Sumatra (K-Cups)
Starbucks Caffe Verona (K-Cups)
Starbucks House Blend (K-Cups)
Folgers Caramel Drizzle (K-Cups)
Twinings Pure Peppermint (K-Cups)
Twinings Green Tea (K-Cups)
Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa (K-Cups)

If you would like to further personalize or customize your gift, you may select Add-Ons from any of the following. Incremental charges apply.

Optional add-on selections. Additional charges apply as displayed.

Robert Rothschild Tortilla Chips ON SALE! - Add $1.75
180 Snacks Cashew Crunch ON SALE! - Add $1.95
Feridies Fruit & Nut Trail Mix ON SALE! - Add $4.25
Wicked Jacks Chocolate Rum Cake ON SALE! - Add $5.95
Wild West Cinnamon Graham Cookies ON SALE! - Add $2.95
J & M Key Lime Choc. Chip Cookies ON SALE! - Add $3.20
Austin Nuts - South of the Border Snack Mix ON SALE! - Add $2.95
Vineyard Collection Focaccia Crackers ON SALE! - Add $1.80
Austin Nuts - Cinnamon Pecans ON SALE! - Add $4.25
Bare Fruit-Dried Fuji Red Apple Chips ON SALE! - Add $3.37
Gummy Fish Kabob ON SALE! - Add $2.25
Vino de Milo Fire Roasted Portobello Pasta Sauce ON SALE! - Add $6.65
Maine Maple Champagne Mustard ON SALE! - Add $2.15
Plentiful Pantry Pomegranate Pasta Salad ON SALE! - Add $6.25
Sucklebusters Texas Campfire Steak Seasoning & Rub ON SALE! - Add $2.25
Texas Oil Drops - Black Licorice Jelly BeansON SALE! - Add $3.75

Optional add-on selections. Additional charges apply as displayed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These are 9 in. Mylar Foil Balloons and may only be delivered via FedEx Ground shipping or by Local Courier. Balloons will deflate during FedEx 2 Day, 3 Day or Overnight Shipments. If you add a balloon to any expedited shipment, it will be refunded.

9 in. Mylar BalloonHappy Assistants Day- Daisies - Add $2.25
9 in. Mylar BalloonHappy Assitants Day - Add $2.25
9 in. Mylar Balloon-You’re the Best - Add $2.25
9 in. Mylar Balloon -Happy Anniversary - Flowers - Add $2.25
9 in. Mylar Balloon -I Love You - Add $2.25
9 in. Mylar Balloon -It’s a Boy - Diaper Pins - Add $2.25
9 in. Mylar Balloon -Baby - Add $2.25
9 in. Mylar Balloon -It’s a Girl - Butterflies & Stars - Add $2.25
9 in. Mylar Balloon -It’s a Girl - Baby Carriage - Add $2.25
9 in. Mylar Balloon -Happy Birthday - Flowers - Add $2.25
9 in. Mylar Balloon -Happy Birthday - Dots - Add $2.25
9 in. Mylar Balloon -Happy Valentine’s Day! - Add $2.25
9 in. Mylar Balloon -Congrats! - Add $2.25
9 in. Mylar Balloon -Congrats- Bubbles - Add $2.25
9 in. Mylar Balloon -Congrats GRAD - Add $2.25
9 in. Mylar Balloon -Get Well -Dots - Add $2.25
9 in. Mylar Balloon -Get Well Smiley - Add $2.25
9 in. Happy Mother’s Day- Daisy Buttons - Add $2.25
9 in. Happy Mother’s Day- Blue Heart - Add $2.25
9 in. Mylar Balloon -Thanks For All You Do - Add $2.25

Optional add-on selections. Additional charges apply as displayed.

7 in. Beary E Special Teddy Bear - Add $10.95
15 in. Singing Birthday Teddy Bear - Add $15.75
13 in. Bosley, Teddy Bear - Add $12.75
11 in. Buddy, Puppy Dog - Add $8.55
10 in. Bananas, Wild About You Gorilla - Add $12.95
8.5 in. Smarty Pants Grad Monkey - Add $8.99
7.5 in. Manford, Plush Monkey - Add $6.85
6 in. Newton Teddy Bear (one per purchase) - Add $5.95
7 in. Thad Polz Frog - Add $8.25
7 in. Blueberry, Teddy Bear - Add $7.95
8.5 in. Jerry, Giraffe - Add $7.00
10 in. Pastel Teddy Bear (1 per purchase) - Add $6.95

Optional add-on selections. Additional charges apply as displayed.

Hearts Themed Coffee Mug - Add $5.95
Happy Birthday - Coffee Mug - Add $5.25
Best Dad Ever Mug - Add $5.25
Tee and Balls - Golf Coffee Mug - Add $5.25
Daisy & Butterflies Coffee Mug - Add $8.95
Deer - Hunting Coffee Mug - Add $5.25
Get Well - Coffee Mug - Add $4.95
Mom Mug - Add $6.25
Mom Thanks for all you do - Coffee Mug - Add $4.85
Handpainted Gingerbread Man Mug - Gimme Some Sugar - Add $4.75
Handpainted Santa Mug - Add $5.25
Dog Picture Frame - Add $6.85
Cat Picture Frame - Add $6.85
Golf Ball & Shoes - Picture Frame - Add $7.95
Baseball - Picture Frame - Add $6.95
Football - Picture Frame - Add $6.95
Basketball - Picture Frame - Add $6.95
Colorful Dots Ceramic Picture Frame ON SALE! - Add $6.25
Fishing - Picture Frame - Add $7.90
Whooo’s a Cutie? Picture Frame - Add $8.95
Elephant Photo Album(Girl) - 24 page - Add $3.75
Elephant Photo Album(Boy) - 24 page - Add $3.75

What’s the Occasion?  

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If you would like to add a special message on imprinted ribbon, please select your ribbon color preference and then type your personalized message in the box below.

This is an optional upgrade and will add $7.95 to the cost of your gift.

Ribbon Color: No Imprinted Ribbon
Ribbon Color: Red - Add $7.95
Ribbon Color: Blue - Add $7.95
Ribbon Color: Yellow - Add $7.95
Ribbon Color: Green - Add $7.95
Ribbon Color: Burgundy - Add $7.95
Ribbon Color: Black - Add $7.95
Ribbon Color: Pink - Add $7.95
Ribbon Color: Purple - Add $7.95

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