The Art of Wine Tasting

The Art of Wine Tasting

At Design It Yourself Gift Baskets, we understand that wine tasting is a complex, yet fun, endeavor that has intrigued people since the beverage’s creation. Although fermenting grapes seems like a simple undertaking, the final product’s taste greatly depends on region, grape variety, and palate. Whether you’re a novice wine drinker who enjoys the taste of vino but doesn’t have much understanding of the wine tasting process, or a seasoned vintage drinker who can detect notes of oak or pepper, read on to better understand the four-step process that will improve your wine tasting experience.
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How Wine Can Improve Your Health

How Wine Can Improve Your Health

You enjoy the taste of wine and find it relaxing to sip on a glass at the end of a long day, but did you know the fruity beverage also offers a plethora of health benefits? Indeed, drinking wine in moderation has been linked to all sorts of benefits that can help you feel better both mentally and physically. Read on to find out how drinking wine – responsibly – can be advantageous. So go ahead and order the wine lover in your life a wine gift basket from Design It Yourself Gift Baskets.

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Selecting the Perfect Gift Basket for your Recipient

Have you been thinking of a way to tell a special someone in your life that you appreciate them? Gift baskets make great gifts for him and gifts for her. Not only can you have them shipped anywhere and know they’ll arrive in a timely fashion, but they’re customizable to the T as well. The baskets offered by Design It Yourself Gift Baskets are chock full of delicious and useful goodies, be they wine and savory snacks or pampering extravagances. Read on to find the best ways to select the perfect gift basket, so the recipient opening their special delivery will know you truly thought of them before sending their personalized gift. 

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The Best Wine Baskets for the Summer

Add The Best Wine Baskets for the Summer

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a nice glass of wine – be it outside on the patio or inside your air-conditioned home. Take your cue from the warm weather and treat yourself, or the wine lover in your life, to one of many tantalizing wine gift baskets from Design It Yourself Gift Baskets. From sparkling wine to rich reds, and the numerous edible treats that pair well with your wine selection, you’ll find the alluring gift basket you and your loved ones need to beat the summer heat. Here are a few of the best wine baskets for the summer.

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