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Christmas Wine Gift Baskets

Thinking of the best gifts from your childhood might bring to mind a shiny new bike or magnificent toy that was going to be the envy of the playground. But for adults, the best presents likely come in one of two forms: gift card or bottle. The latter happens to be our specialty — we have a wonderfully festive selection of Christmas wine gift baskets that will help you bring a sparkle to the eye of loved ones and build your reputation as the best gift-giver of all time.

Please note that any "Holiday" specific gift baskets will not be available for shipping until November 19th

Holiday Delight  - Holiday Wine Gift Basket
Holiday Delight Holiday Wine Gift Basket
Price: $97.95 

St. Nicks Holiday Assortment - Christmas Gift Basket
St. Nicks Holiday Assortment Christmas Gift Basket
Price: $142.95 

South Texas Hill Country - Wine Gift Basket
South Texas Wine Country Gift Basket
Price: $86.95 

Holly Jolly  - Christmas Wine Gift Basket
Holly Jolly Christmas Wine Gift Basket
Price: $58.95 

Toast the Season - Christmas Gift Basket
Toast the Season Christmas Gift Basket
Price: $112.95 

Chocolate & Red Wine Christmas - Wine Baskets
Chocolate & Red Wine Christmas Wine Baskets
Price: $87.95 

Black Tie Optional - Red Wine Gift Basket
Black Tie Optional Wine Gift Basket
Price: $67.95 

Red Wine Classic Wine Gift Basket
Red Wine Classic Wine Gift Basket
Price: $85.95 

Dreaming of Red & White Wine Baskets for Christmas

Visions of sugar plums dance in the heads of some, but our Christmas wine baskets are more suited to people whose visions of cavorting fruits include red and white grapes. Because the holidays are so full of good cheer and glasses raised in toasts, our wine-themed baskets are some of our most popular items. The Christmas wine gift baskets you can choose from include options for one, two or even three bottles of wine, and baskets that include just white, just red, or a mix of variatels. It’s entirely your choice on which bottles are included in the basket. Select a pinot noir with flavors of oak and red berries, a chardonnay with a buttery aroma, or even a Champagne with a crisp and light taste.

More Christmas Gift Baskets

Christmas Coffee Gift Basket

If wine brightens cheeks, coffee will do the same for your eyes. The nippy smell of coffee brewing and the clink of mugs being filled to the brim are hallmarks of the holidays. Flavorful roasts will get sleepy-eyed parents out of bed in the wee hours of morning when the kids discover Santa has indeed come, and it also will warm hands and stomachs as family and friends gather around tables to catch up. Help your loved ones keep a stocked cupboard of caffeine with our Christmas coffee gift baskets. These baskets include brand names like Coffee City, Jo Coffee, and Coffee Masters, as well as gourmet treats like shortbread cookies, seasoned pretzels, and apple cinnamon pancake mix.

Christmas Chocolate Gifts

Wine is the “nectar of the Gods,” but chocolate is the “food of the Gods.” Dark and bitter or light and sweet, chocolate is something we should all be eternally grateful to the ancient Mesoamericans for cultivating. If you need a gift for someone with a serious sweet tooth, send them one of our Christmas chocolate gift baskets. Packed with gourmet sweets, each basket has a variety of chocolate flavors and manifestations, as well as other complementary treats. From chocolate biscotti and chocolate p’nuttie delights to Godiva truffles and chocolate cranberries, any basket you choose will be a treat for the taste buds.

Christmas Gift Baskets for Families

Looking for a gift for your best friend? Need a last-minute gift for the neighbors down the street? Or do you simply want to send something thoughtful that an entire family can enjoy? Our Christmas gift baskets for groups are your go-to gift for any and all ages. Each basket contains a variety of top-quality products, from gourmet foods and savory sweets to flavorful drinks and novelty items. Anyone is sure to find something they enjoy in these baskets and each is festively decorated and themed to match the season.

Christmas Gourmet Gift Baskets

A wine connoisseur may also enjoy the flavors of haute cuisine. This holiday season, send your beloved tastemakers one of our our Christmas gourmet gift baskets. These baskets hold a collection of the finest foods and drinks, from snacks and sweets to wine and teas. You’ll be able to tempt the most discriminating taste buds with our sophisticated collection of gourmet brands.