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Guess which is older, the game of tennis or The United States of America? If you said tennis, you either know your history, or you are a good guesser when the odds are short! Tennis had its origins in France, where it more closely resembled handball. Eventually, a glove was added to the playing hand, and later, a handle was added to the glove. It was refined in the 1800ís to the game we play today, using a racquet in place of just the hand.

Our tennis gift baskets are perfect when it is time to give the tennis buff the perfect gift! Equipment is a big part of the game; so is the need to quench the playerís thirst and feed the need for after-match snacking! Our creative basket designers have combined all these necessities into useful and unique gift ideas. Items in the baskets may include (check the content list under each basket for specifics), Penn Tennis Balls, string de-vibrators, racquet grips, tennis towel, Gatorade, mixed nuts, granola, fruit medley, trail mix and more! One additional bit of trivia. Know why tennis balls began to be made in bright colors? They were more easily seen by television audiences watching games on the relatively new, color televisions.

Your tennis partner, friend, or spouse, will have just three words to say when they see their best present ever: Game! Set! Match!
Game winning delivery is available!

Ad In - Tennis Gift Basket
Ad In Tennis Gift Basket
Price: $84.95 

Match Point - Tennis Gift Basket
Match Point Tennis Gift Basket
Regularly: $97.95
On Sale: $87.95

Love 40 Tennis Basket
Love 40 Tennis Basket
Price: $76.95 

The Grand Slam - Tennis Gift Basket
The Grand Slam Tennis Gift Basket
Price: $73.95