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Christmas Coffee Gift Baskets

Warm up their holiday this season with one of our fantastic coffee gift baskets. Filled with finest selections of coffees from Door County, Wolfgang Puck, and Coffee Masters. Complimenting these heavenly cups of brew are savory sweets like shortbread cookies, biscotti, and chocolate chip cookies. So go ahead, indulge your recipient! We also have a wide variety of Christmas Baskets to please anyone on your gift list.

Christmas Coffee Gift Classic
Christmas Coffee Gift Classic
Price: $65.95 

K-Cup Christmas - Christmas Coffee Gift Basket
K-Cup Christmas Christmas Gift Basket
Price: $69.95 

Coffee Cravings - Coffee Gift Basket
Coffee Cravings Coffee Gift Basket
Price: $72.95 

Coffee & Nutella  - Coffee Gift Basket
Coffee & Nutella Coffee Gift Basket
Price: $87.95 

Coffee Rush - Coffee Gift Basket
Coffee Rush Coffee Gift Basket
Price: $75.95 

Daily Grind Coffee Gift Basket
Daily Grind Coffee Gift Basket
Price: $99.95 

K-Cup Gourmet Coffee Basket
K-Cup Gourmet Coffee Basket
Price: $111.95 

Day Break - K-Cup Coffee Basket
Day Break K-Cup Coffee Gift Basket
Price: $85.95 

K-Cup Greetings - K-Cup Gift Basket
K-Cup Greetings K-Cup Gift Basket
Price: $72.95 

K-Cup Tower - K-Cup Coffee Gift Tower
K-Cup Coffee Tower K-Cup Coffee Gift Tower
Price: $74.95 

Why Coffee Gift Baskets are so Perfect as Christmas Gifts

Coffee has been enjoyed in drink form for over 1,000 years! Legend has it that a goatherd in Ethiopia noticed that his goats were sleepless at night and had an increase in energy following the ingestion of ‘berries from a certain tree,’ (coffee beans). In the Near East, coffee houses began to spring up during the 16th century. Coffee was not without controversy. In Europe, some were critical of this beverage that could increase energy, thinking it might be an evil drink. Pope Clement VIII was asked to decide on the fate of the beverage. Luckily, the Pope gave the drink two thumbs up! Who wouldn’t give a thumbs up to a gourmet coffee gift? And what could be a more perfect present during the most magical time of year than Christmas coffee gift baskets?
With coffee’s popularity only increasing over time, it’s no wonder that coffee gift baskets make the perfect gift! Containing a variety of flavors and gourmet ground and roasted coffees, there is something for everyone! How can a gift basket full of coffee get any better? By including tasty gourmet snacks that make an excellent pairings with the coffee, such as Godiva chocolates, Gouda cheese spread, Lindt chocolates and chocolate toffee. The universal appeal of coffee makes this gift basket a perfect gift for him or for her! Let’s look at a few more reasons a coffee baskets makes an unforgettable present. There are three reasons your loved ones will appreciate this gift:
  1. Christmas Morning Wake-Up Call – Where did the night go? Late night present wrapping, bicycle assembly, searching frantically for those gifts you hid from the kids and couldn’t find? It feels like you just got to bed! Good thing one of their Christmas gifts was a coffee gift basket! It’s the perfect holiday present to keep them going until Christmas dessert!
  2. Hosting Parties – whether it is time for a formal gathering or a casual get together with friends, help your favorite host or hostess be ready with a variety of coffees and snacks contained in the gift basket you gave them. Giving coffee baskets for Christmas, sets up the hosts for these festivities with some post-dinner coffee for their guests. Instead of going to the grocery store to fill the cart with extra grounds, your gift recipient can just reach into their basket and pull out some flavorful brews.
  3. Hot Toddies – The holiday season brings with it its own set of traditional “hot toddies,” which now encompass much more than their original form and include alcoholic egg nog, hot cocoa, and coffees. Your lucky recipient can use coffee to mix up some yummy adult beverages or chill chasers: examples of these include White Russian Hot Toddies, Hot Toddy Lattes, Irish Coffee and Hot Coffee Lattes. If you know someone who loves to whip up a festive creation with a hot beverage, give them a Christmas coffee basket so they have all the tools they need and could ever want!

Christmas Wine Gift Basket

If coffee is the ideal drink after a big family dinner, then wine is the beverage of choice during (or before) dinner. Our Christmas wine gift baskets are a gift you can give to help someone deck their halls and sing out loud. The Red Wine Classic Wine Gift Basket is a popular choice, which includes a bottle of red or white (your choice), caramel corn, gourmet almonds, and rich chocolate. Raise a glass to this selection, or any one of our other wine gift baskets.

Christmas Gourmet Gift Baskets

The holidays are the time to indulge and shower the people you love with special presents. Show your thoughtfulness when you send someone one of our Christmas Gourmet Gift Baskets. With high-end products for those with refined tastes, these baskets are sure to spread good tidings to any recipient. For example, the Season’s Best Christmas Gift Basket includes several gourmet snacks and sweets that range from truffle cookies and almond roca to cappuccino drink mix.

Christmas Chocolate Gifts

Chocolate just might be the perfect complement to coffee baskets for Christmas. If you have someone in mind who prefers the sweetness of candy over the bitterness of coffee, you can browse through our holiday selections to find Christmas chocolate gift baskets. Each basket offers a wide variety of products, including chocolate wafers, biscotti, hot cocoa, boxed dark chocolates, and more.