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Christmas Gourmet Gift Baskets

For something to be gourmet, it must be more than savory. It should be a piece of culinary artwork, embodying only the finest food and drink. A gourmand is someone who enjoys the pleasures of haute cuisine and if you have a family member or friend who fits this description, our Christmas gourmet gift baskets are the perfect gift for them this holiday season. We also have a wide assortment of Christmas baskets for anyone on your holiday shopping list!

Seasons Greetings Christmas Gift
Seasons Greetings Christmas Gift
Price: $49.95 

Christmas Morning Breakfast Gift Basket
Christmas Morning Breakfast Gift Basket
Price: $84.95 

Holly Jolly  - Christmas Wine Gift Basket
Holly Jolly Christmas Wine Gift Basket
Price: $121.95 

Grand Gourmet Christmas - Christmas Basket
Grand Gourmet Christmas Christmas Basket
Price: $212.95 

Merry Munchies - Holiday Gift Basket
Merry Munchies Holiday Gift Basket
Price: $64.94 

Brunch - Gourmet Gift Basket
Brunch Gourmet Gift Basket
Price: $103.95 

Fit for a King - Gourmet Gift Basket
Fit for a King Gourmet Gift Basket
Price: $156.95 

The Showstopper - Food Gift Basket
The Showstopper Food Gift Basket
Price: $178.95 

Guiltless Snacks Healthy Gift Basket
Guiltless Snacks Healthy Gift Basket
Price: $75.95 

Gluten Free Goodness Gift Basket
Gluten Free Goodness Gift Basket
Price: $82.95 

Dinner for Two - Italian Gift Basket
Dinner for Two Italian Gift Basket
Price: $117.95 

The top 3 Reasons a Gourmet Gift Basket makes the Best Christmas Gift

Elegant or elaborate, all of the items in our artisan gourmet gift baskets are of the finest quality and come in plentiful portions, which makes them ideally suited for the discriminating palates of your favorite epicures. Why do we think that gourmet Christmas baskets make the best gift?
  1. Taste Testing Ė The last few months of every year always include a myriad of delicious smells, tastes, food and sweets. Many people look forward to this gift giving holiday season because itís a chance to indulge in traditional favorites and even try out new flavors. Our exceptional gourmet gifts for Christmas are the perfect sampler platters. Your lucky gift recipient will have so many choices they can taste test to their heartís delight, experimenting with different brands and decadent flavors, all of which will appeal to their cultivated preferences.
  2. Hosting Ė During the holidays, everyoneís schedules are jam packed with parties, events and galas. The hosts of these festivities will be working hard to make sure every detail is welcoming and enjoyable, and would most definitely welcome an artisan gift basket that will make their hosting duties easier. Sending a gourmet Christmas gift basket to your favorite party host will ensure you donít show up empty handed and will provide them with a vast assortment of ready-made, sophisticated appetizers and mouthwatering sweets they can set out for guests to enjoy.
  3. Food & Wine Pairing Ė Someone who appreciates gourmet food will likely also appreciate pairing that food with some wine. And what better season to try out creative new pairings than the holidays, when youíll be raising your glass in frequent toasts to family and friends? Our Christmas gourmet gift baskets include a variety of food and snacks that make for interesting pairings, and you can even send someone a basket with wine included for an all-in-one pairing present.

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Christmas Coffee Gift Baskets

The smell of chestnuts roasting on an open fire has nothing on the smell of dark-roast coffee brewing on a winter morning. Sharp and energizing, coffee has been comforting humans with its savory flavors since the 11th century. Our Christmas coffee gift baskets are a natural fit with the gourmet theme and include delectable sweets like almond roca and chocolate biscotti, as well as coffee collections from popular brands such as Coffee City Wolfgang Puck, and Coffee Masters. Gourmet sweets and flavorful coffee? Thatís just what weíll deliver to their doorstep!

Christmas Wine Gift Baskets

As we mentioned, our gourmet gifts for Christmas make for excellent pairing experiments, but you also have the option of sending one of our Christmas wine gift baskets. Each basket comes with at least one bottle of wine (some even include two or three), and you can choose the vintage. Browse through red and white wine gift options that are complemented by savory food and sweets to create a well-curated basket for someone you love.

Christmas Chocolate Gifts

Did you know that if you eat gourmet chocolate, instead of the regular stuff, it has the same nutritional value as a bowl of broccoli? Well, that may not be entirely (or remotely) true, but itís the holidays! Itís time to indulge. If the epicure youíre shopping for has a sweet tooth, check out our Christmas chocolate gift baskets.

Christmas Gift Baskets for Families

Shopping for a group is hard because you just canít please everyone. Or can you? If you need a gift for a neighbor family or coworker team with a taste for the finer things, send them one of our Christmas gift baskets for groups. With the wide variety of gourmet food, treats, and drinks, youíll be able to bring them all holiday cheer. An added bonus: once theyíve finished all the goodies, they can reuse the basket to store their Christmas decorations!