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Sm Coffee Gift Basket BP1009
An example custom gift basket design

Sm. Coffee Gift Basket (BP1009)

SKU: BP1009SCOFF / BP1009S

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Sturdy woodchip basket with handles. Can be used for wall decor, for kitchen tools or even as a planter. The neutral color goes with everything!

10.5" W x 6.5"D x 4.75"H


Price: $89.95 

Please choose the products that you wish to include with your design from the choices below.

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Please choose 6 items from the following:

Coffee Masters Chocolate Crème Brulee Ground Coffee (Brews 10 -12 Cups)
Coffee Masters French Vanilla Ground Coffee (Brews 10 -12 Cups)
Door County Sunrise Roast Ground Coffee (Brews 10 -12 Cups)
Fara Coffee French Roast Ground Coffee (Brews 10 -12 Cups)
Door County Breakfast Blend Decaf Coffee (Bres 10-12 Cups)
Donut Shop Blend Ground Coffee (Brews 10 -12 Cups)
Café Ole Texas Pecan Ground Coffee (Brews 10-12 Cups)
Wolfgang Puck instant European Style Coffee
Cafe Mocha Drink Mix
Cappuccino Instant Drink Mix
Too Good Gourmet Strawberry Lime Drink Mix
Highland Select Tea (6 Bags)
Giordano Coffee - Italian Roast Coffee - Add $5.75

Please choose 3 items from the following:

Dillons Cinnamon Pecans
American Gourmet Seasoned Pretzels
Austinuts Lone Star Nut Mix
Nut House Apple Cranberry Granola - Add $1.00
Mascot Sweet Georgia Heat Pecans
Cranberry Harvest Medley Dried Fruit Mix Assortment
Vision Pack Smoked Almonds
Lammes Texas Chewy Pecan Pralines
Shelia G’s -Salted Caramel Brownie Brittle

Please choose 3 items from the following:

Too Good Gourmet Lemon Cake Batter Cookies
Old Fashioned Chocolate Cream Puffs
Angelinas Sweet Butter Cookies
Pioneer Waffle & Pancake Mix
South Texas Milling Granny’s Pancake Mix
Kerbey Lane Texas Apple Cinnamon Pancake Mix
Vineyard Collection Focaccia Crackers
Too Good Gourmet Smore Indulge Cookies
Dolcetto Chocolate Filled Wafer Roll Cookies
Old Fashioned Chocolate Cream Puffs

Please choose 1 item from the following:

Lesser Evil Himalayan Gold Popcorn
Austin Gourmet Texas BBQ Popcorn
Gilded Nuts - Habenero Heat Pistachios
Texas Taffy
Second Nature Fruit & Nut Trail Mix
Grab Em Snacks - Texas Rajun Cajun Plantains
American Gourmet Butter Pretzels
Around the World in Twelve Coffees Coffee Collection - Add $9.95

If you would like to further personalize or customize your gift, you may select Add-Ons from any of the following. Incremental charges apply.

Optional add-on selections. Additional charges apply as displayed.

Second Nature Fruit & Nut Trail Mix - Add $1.00
Coffee Masters Colombian Supremo Coffee (Single Serve) - Add $2.75
Fazlani Garlic Hummus - Add $3.75
Champagne Cocktail Pop - Add $4.45
Nature Nate’s Raw & Unfiltered Honey (5) - Add $1.99
Tipsy Italian Garlic Parmesan Chicken Pasta Mix - Add $4.99
Mascot Peanut Crunch Bar (2 ea) - Add $1.75
Giordano Coffee - Italian Roast Coffee - Add $7.50
Coffee House Cooler - Mocha Cold Brew - Add $4.95
Too Good Gourmet Lemon Cake Batter Cookies - Add $5.25
Praseks Texas Beef Jerky - Add $8.25
Vino de Milo Gorgonzola Pear w/ Reisling Wine Dressing - Add $6.25
Nutella Hazelnut Spread w/ Cocoa - Add $4.00
Dillons Cinnamon Pecans - Add $4.75
Around the World in Twelve Coffees Coffee Collection - Add $16.95
The Joy of Tea Gift Book (4 each of 6 delicious flavors) - Add $7.99
Cocoa Lovers Collection ( 9 assorted flavors) - Add $8.25
Soothing Aloe Spa Treatment Socks - Add $9.25
All you need is Love and a Cat - Kitchen Towel - Add $7.75
It’s all Fun & Games - Dish Towel - Add $7.75

Optional add-on selections. Additional charges apply as displayed.

Too Cute Adult Coloring Book - Add $4.99
Puzzle Books (2 per purchase) - Add $4.00
Wheel of Fortune - Add $6.50
Jenga - Add $14.99
Dominos - Add $3.00
3 Game Pads (Hangman, 5 in a Row, Connect the Dots ) - Add $7.99
Adult Coloring Book - Add $5.99
Colored Pencils (12 count) - Add $2.99
Magnetic Checkers - Add $6.75
100-500 Piece Puzzle - Add $4.50
Old Maid Card Game - Add $3.00
Uno Card Game - Add $6.00
Dos Card Game - Add $6.00

Optional add-on selections. Additional charges apply as displayed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These are 9 in. Mylar Foil Balloons and may only be delivered via FedEx Ground shipping or by Local Courier. Balloons will deflate during FedEx 2 Day, 3 Day or Overnight Shipments. If you add a balloon to any expedited shipment, it will be refunded.

Balloon - Happy Anniversary Rose - Add $2.25
Balloon - Happy Anniversary - Add $2.25
Balloon -I Love You - Add $2.25
We’re a Perfect Match - Add $2.25
Balloon -You’re Paw-fect - Add $2.25
Balloon -Baby - Add $2.25
Balloon -It’s a Baby Girl! - Add $2.25
Balloon -It’s a Baby Boy! - Add $2.25
Balloon - Happy Birthday Confetti - Add $2.25
Balloon - Happy Birthday Cupcake - Add $2.25
Balloon -Congrats! - Add $2.25
Balloon -Congrats GRAD - Add $2.25
Balloon -Get Well Soon Stripes - Add $2.25
Balloon -Thank You! - Colorful - Add $2.25
Balloon -Thanks for all You Do - Emoji - Add $2.25
Balloon -Thank you Stripes - Add $2.25
Balloon -Happy Fathers Day - Black Chalkboard - Add $2.25
Balloon -Happy Assistants Day Stripes - Add $2.25
Balloon -Happy Assistants Day Daisies - Add $2.25
Balloon -Happy Assistants Day to You - Gerber Daisy - Add $2.25
Balloon -Happy Mothers Day - Water Color - Add $2.25

Optional add-on selections. Additional charges apply as displayed.

15 in. Singing Birthday Gorilla - Add $18.75
15 in. Singing Birthday Bear - Add $18.75
11 in. Buster, Teddy Bear - Add $8.99
11 in. Buddy, puppy dog - Add $12.00
7 in. Spencer, Cat - Add $9.99
7 In. Clarabelle, Texas Plush Cow - Add $9.75
13 in. Cory, Warmies plush french-lavender scented puppy - Add $18.95
12 in. Sprinkles, Valentines Teddy Bear - Add $13.65
10 in. Einstein, Graduation Llama - Add $9.99
8 in. Sherbert, Plush Unicorn - Add $9.99
13 in. Jingles, Pink Monkey - Add $7.99
8 in. Bananas, Blue Monkey - Add $7.99
7 in.Toby, Tiger - Add $7.50

Optional add-on selections. Additional charges apply as displayed.

Happy Birthday - Mug - Add $6.75
Born to Golf Mug - Add $9.99
Born to Fish Mug - Add $9.99
Dogwood Blooms- Ceramic Mug - Add $6.85
Born to Hunt Mug - Add $9.99
Get Well - Mug - Add $6.75
Love Mug - Add $7.25
XO Mug - Add $7.25
White & Red Hearts Mug - Add $5.65
I’m Yours. No Refunds Mug - Add $8.45
Mornings are Ruff Dog Mug - Add $6.75
Coffee Right Meow!- Mug - Add $6.75
Ceramic Mom Mug - Add $8.95
Love Grows Wherever You Go Mug - Add $10.99
Thanks for always being there Dad Mug - Add $8.50
Best Dad Ever Mug - Add $8.50
Merry Christmas Santa Mug - Add $12.99
Merry and Bright Mug - Add $13.95
Baseball - Picture Frame - Add $6.95
Football - Picture Frame - Add $6.95
Basketball - Picture Frame - Add $6.95
Ballerina Baby Girl Picture Frame - Add $7.99

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Sunflowers & Butterflies - Add $7.25
Purple Pansies - Add $6.99
Dog Collage - Add $6.99
Gerber Daisies in Planter - Add $7.25
2 Pink Roses - Add $6.95
Daisies & Ladybug - Add $7.25
Sea Shells - Add $7.25
Blue Hydrangea - Add $6.99
Puppy w/ Flowers - Add $6.99
Baby (Teddy Bear) - Add $7.25
Roses and Pearls - Add $6.99
Wedding Cake w/Pink Flowers - Add $7.25
Kitty w/ Flowers - Add $6.99
Vintage Penny Farthing Bicycle - Add $7.25
Red, White, Blue - Add $6.99

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Ribbon Color: Green - Add $7.95
Ribbon Color: Orange - Add $7.95
Ribbon Color: Black - Add $7.95
Ribbon Color: Pink - Add $7.95
Ribbon Color: Teal - Add $7.95
Ribbon Color: Purple - Add $7.95

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