Gift giving is challenging. Gift giving for older adults have diverse and evolving needs. Some seniors don’t want a lot of “stuff” just sitting around or taking up space. For loved ones in nursing homes or assisted living, physical health issues, memory loss, and lack of space may make some gifts impossible to use. But other gifts that bring joy or address day-to-day needs could be lifesavers. The top most requested present is the gift of TIME – often the most appreciated gift is a personal visit, and if possible, an outing.

Snuggle Them Up Presents that enable your adored one to feel additional agreeable are consistently in season. A few thoughts to keep your cherished one comfortable incorporate another pair of slippers or comfortable socks with elastic bottoms, a sumptuous cover, salves, toss pads, or a new robe. You could likewise get them a fresh out of the plastic new cover to brighten their room or a new arrangement of tub materials.

Presents That Smile Back Assemble abest hits photograph collection that incorporates all your cherished ones unique minutes caught on camera. On the off chance that youre crafty, consider making a memory book and compose recollections close to every photograph. Your cherished one will appreciate looking through the collection and thinking back. For a simpler choice, give them a computerized photograph casing and burden it with important snapshots to be on presentation in their condo.

Give Peace of Mind Give your loved one an extra measure of security with medical identification jewelry. Choose a piece that matches your loved one‘s preferences simple or extravagant. Now, they can travel to and from their assisted living community with more peace of mind.

Welcome Home Create a custom gift basket welcoming them to their new home. Add a beautiful welcome sign or wreath for their door. Not only will it make their apartment stand out, but they will have a reminder of you every time they come home. If they struggle with memory issues, the sign can make locating their door easier. Check with their community first to understand their decorating policies, and include a wreath hook or damagefree Command strips with your gift.

Say it with Music Gift them a basic MP3 player or iPod filled with their favorite music. It has been proven to make people happier and boost brain function. Your loved one will feel extra special knowing that you personalized playlists just for them. They can enjoy their favorite tunes on the go or relaxing in their apartment.

Lovely Subscriptions Indulge your loved one with a subscription of love delivered right to their door. Purchase a yearlong subscription of their favorite magazine, or jump on the trend of subscription boxes for almost every category imaginable

Community Amenities If your loved one is a resident at a senior living community, they may have access to amenities like salons, barbershops, spas and pubs. To make sure they can take full advantage of these amenities, consider gifting them certificates or coupons for services. This way, they can enjoy the same experience without having to worry about the cost.

Gadgets for the TechSavvy If your loved one is tech savvy, you can give them a device to help them stay in touch with family and friends. Tablets are great for this purpose, as they can be used with videocalling apps like Skype and FaceTime. You can choose a screen size that best suits your loved one, and they come in a range of prices to suit any budget. Just make sure their home or community offers WiFi access.

Memorable Experiences Instead of gifting your loved one with material items, why not think of an outing you can plan together? You can get tickets for a show, or plan a day out to the zoo or a local park. This way, your loved one can enjoy your company and create lasting memories.