Wedding Gift Ideas for the Bride & Groom

Whether you take pride in being a great gift giver or require some inspiration, shopping for the best wedding gifts is a particular skill unto itself. Unlike anniversary gifts and engagement gifts, these gifts are typically house related—think of practical (new aged) appliances and stylish decor as a way to set the newlyweds up for success.

Sure, a cutting board or new set of dishes might not sound like the most sentimental gift out there. But they’re still useful items that most couples are thrilled to receive (and make for more thoughtful wedding gift ideas than a gift card). There are so many ways to give a personalizes wedding present with a monogram or an engraving to create a sweet keepsake.

Most couples create a wedding registry to guide their family and friends through their “wants” and maybe a few must-have items. But more often than not, the good items get purchased fast. So if you’re a procrastinator having an “off script”  list of great gift ideas in your back pocket is helpful to impress the happy couple.

Keep scrolling for the best wedding gifts guaranteed to impress.