Great Summer Ideas To Beat The Heat

Great Summer Ideas To Beat The Heat

There are ALWAYS fun things to do during the summer.  Sometimes we just need some gentle reminders to get those creative juices flowing. We forget there’s fun to be had in literally every direction. So here’s a list you can pull from for ideas!

Freeze your smoothies


Can you think of a yummier way to cool down then eating a cold delicious treat? There’s plenty of sweet frozen goodies to indulge in. Berries and other fruits are both nutritious and delicious. So go ahead and freeze those juices and smoothies – It’s not only healthy, but refreshing and tasty to!

Grab a coloring book

Stay cool and stay inside and color! Coloring books are not just calming and stress relieving, they can be super fun too! If you don’t have a coloring book, download some from the internet and color your heart away!

Have an Ice Cream Social

three flavors of ice cream on the bowl

Summers are synonymous with ice cream. They’re cool. Tasty. Refreshing. Not to mention FUN! It’s simple to do –  you’ll need chocolate syrup, sprinkles, cherries, a variety of flavors of ice cream and whipped topping. Invite a few friends and Viola!

 Have a water fight

Cooling off while having fun? Count me in! Get your water guns and water balloons filled and ready!  You can add a shower curtain liner and turn this water fight into a super fun slip and slide!

Keep your cosmetics cool too

Did you know that putting your creams, serums, toners and lotions in the refrigerator not only keep YOU cook, but they actually last longer too!

Just chill

Sometimes we just need to take a step back and relax. Life can get too hot to handle.  Whenever you feel stressed, don’t forget to take a moment to pamper yourself.  Take a day or even night to yourself and turn your home into a spa.

Have a pool party

Of course, this won’t work if you don’t have a pool, but it’s very likely that your neighborhood has one. Be sure to load up lots of sunscreen, towel, flip flops and pack some waters to keep cool.  There’s nothing more satisfying than a cannon ball or dive into the pool to cool off!

Client & Employee Appreciation Gifts During COVID-19

Client & Employee Appreciation Gifts During COVID-19

Through our extensive research we’ve learned and shared about the importance of corporate/business gifting to build and maintain business relationships and most importantly, lasting impressions. But in the time of the coronavirus pandemic, the role of business gifting has become even more vital as companies adapt to working remotely and creatively tackle the issue of staying connected with employees and clients alike.  The innovative ways companies are using gifts to stay connected is an example of how gifting, a deeply entrenched and deeply human activity, is about the story the giver wants to tell. (more…)

Easy, Fun Hand-made Christmas Gifts

Easy, Fun Hand-made Christmas Gifts

Most of you are probably thinking about holiday gift ideas right now… and we all know how much people love a handmade gift.  Handmade can be so much better than anything else.  Your recipient will know you took the time and effort to make their gift extra special. Most of these DIY Christmas gifts below can be made for less than five bucks! You really can’t beat that. (more…)

Ideas for the Best Client Gifts

Ideas for the Best Client Gifts

We’re just weeks…days away from the busiest shopping and gift giving days of the year. Now is a good time to start thinking of what you might give your clients this holiday season.  If you’re not sure what to do and where to look for corporate holiday gifts, here are a few tips to help you get through the holiday maze with not just your reputation but your budget intact. (more…)

Why Gift Baskets Help with Corporate Retention

Why Gift Baskets Help with Corporate Retention

Consumers have more choices than ever when it comes to the products and services they buy. And that choice doesn’t end when they do business with you. Customer retention is crucial to sustainable company growth.

So how exactly do you keep your customers and show them just how much you care….throughout the year?  Besides a great product and stellar customer service, the answer is simple. Gifts! Gifts! And more Gifts! (more…)

The Benefits of Custom Gifts


Personalized gifts are currently the in thing as far as the giving and receiving gift arena goes. Many people are appreciative of the personalized gifts because it appeals to them and them alone.  This is very true of women, children, and even clients. Personalized gifts are executed in different ways.  Engraving, embroidery or even just finding that special person’s favorite interest or treat. Let’s explore some of the benefits of the personalized gifts.


When you send someone a personalized gift, it will boost your relationship.  One of the reasons as to why many people appreciate the personalized gifts is that it allows them to exercise their personality uniquely. It might be an every day, ordinary cup with someone’s name on it, but that alone is enough to stir uncontrollable excitement.  Who doesn’t love seeing their name on products? In a nutshell, the personalized gift ascertains a connection between the two individuals and should, therefore, be something to celebrate.


Young businesswoman unpacking gift-box in office

Personalized gifts are perfectly suited for any and all occasions.  Be it birthdays, weddings, graduation, corporate thank you and especially holiday gifts.  Going the extra “personal” mile is sure to reap rewards. Granted, it may take a little time to come up with a custom, unique gift, but in the end, your recipient will be forever grateful and not to mention appreciative.


Customized gifts are suitable for all people regardless if their gender, age or relationship.  A spouse can demonstrate their love with an embroidered shirt or an engraved piece of jewelry. In the business world sending customers and clients customized gift baskets with their favorite snacks is always a winner. You can even add logo’d mugs, blankets, notepads for that extra special touch.


Customized, personal gift giving is a great marketing strategy. Companies can send their clients custom gift baskets with personalized items like pens, books, and t-shirts with their names on them.  The personal touch will always be remembered because of the uniqueness and fore thought that was put into it.  Such customers tend to stick with the company through thick and thin because they feel appreciated.  It pays to go the extra mile and learn what your customers like and appreciate. Do they have kids? Pets? Build your gift giving around what the clients interests are and make that lasting impression!