Whether you manage a team of five or hundreds, you know that your employees are invaluable to the success of your business — and may deserve more thanks than simply paying their salary or lunch.

Skip the cheap corporate promo items and surprise your employees with thoughtful, useful options instead.  We believe that going the extra mile by customizing your employee thank you gifts adds a personal touch that truly shows your appreciation.

Whether or not your company is working from home, these corporate gift ideas will help you stay connected, show your gratitude and appreciation to both your business — and each other.


A personalized gift speaks volumes about the gift-giver and creates a lasting impact on the receiver’s mind. It creates a connection and shows you took time and thought into the gift. Impersonal gifts, on the other hand, eventually end up in the trash can. Keep in mind that personalization doesn’t mean you have to break the bank and get everything they like.  It could be as simple as knowing their favorite foods or activities. If they like to golf – create a custom golf gift basket for them. Do they enjoy gardening – our Green Thumb Gardening Gift Basket would be right up their alley.


The whole motive behind corporate gift-giving is thanking your employees and offering a caring gesture. Do not end up making it a promotional act.  You’re putting your efforts and money into creating a meaningful corporate gift, so naturally, you might want to add your company name and logo to them. Using your company colors to brand should be the extent of it.


Once you start planning your thank you gifts, the first thing to do is decide on a budget. Having a limited budget is still okay but compromising on the quality is not. The thank you present you are giving to your employees directly impacts the reputation of you and your company. Spend wisely but do not be cheap.


Corporate gift-giving is a little more difficult than personal gift-giving because it comes with many rules and guidelines. You want to customize your employee gifts and be innovative, but the gift has to be appropriate for the business environment.  Even if you know your employee on a personal level, it’s best to keep it on a professional level when it comes to gift giving at the office.  Also, be extra careful that your gift is not seen as a bribe.