What if we told you we knew a secret to reducing employee turnover? Yup, you read that right!

A study by CareerBuilder found that 50% of employees would stay if they were tangibly recognized. Another study revealed that 40% of employees who “do not feel meaningfully recognized will not go above their formal responsibilities to get the job done.”

So just how do you show employee (s) appreciation? Here are some suggestions below:

Step 1 is to recognize your staff

Create a viable plan for what you’re going to do and when you’ll be doing it.  You don’t have to implement ALL of the ideas. Pick and choose, or try some out and see how they are received.

Celebrate birthdays

Who doesn’t love celebrating birthdays at work? Decorate their desk and/or cube. Have lunch delivered and  make sure you have a cake so that everyone in the office can participate and celebrate. Even a small birthday gift goes a long way.

Table setting with plastic ware for summer picnic

Ask your employees what they would like

Survey your staff.  Ask them what they’d like from you as far as how you show you appreciate them. You may be surprised at the results and you can feel confident that you’re rewarding your team with something they will truly appreciate. It goes a long way if you implement the request.

Have a trophy or plaque

In professional sports, the champion always receives a trophy.  Put their name on a well visible wall recognizing their accomplishments for everyone to see. Many employers have a Wall of Fame.

Offer a day off

It’s not uncommon for people to request their birthdays off to have a long celebratory day, evening or even weekend. Maybe they don’t want their birthday off, but a day of their choosing.

Treats & Gifts

Who doesn’t like a surprise treat that no one expected? Order pizza, have an ice cream social or buy breakfast. If your targeting just one individual, try a custom gift basket with all of their favorite snacks. Treat your staff, just because you appreciate them.

Happy Hour

Appreciation doesn’t have to remain in the confines of the office. Treat everyone to happy hour! Everyone gets to relax and enjoy each others company without the stress of clocking back in to work or having to answer the phones. Because it’s five o’clock somewhere and everyone loves to partake in happy hour, especially if the boss is paying!

Don’t overlook the anniversaries

Several studies have found that employees were likely to leave after a year of employment. Upcoming generations move around more in their careers. Because of this, don’t let the anniversary of an employee’s hire go unnoticed. Reward them for staying. Call attention to them, so other staff members can see you not only appreciate it, but back it up. It’s a great way to lead by example.

Encourage continuing education

We understand that no all employers are in a position, financially or other to help pay for continuing education. But offering to help pay towards additional training, mentoring or education shows how  you appreciate them.  It will definitely help them think they’re not in a dead-end job. Reward that drive for education and improvement.

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Recognize non-work achievements

You have people on your staff who are doing incredible things. They are volunteering, and doing all sorts of activities on their own time. Why not recognize them in front of the group? We all like to have people know more about us, but most of us don’t want to brag about ourselves. Do the bragging for your staff, and show your whole team how amazing everyone is.

Dust off the old suggestion box

The best part of this is, it’s anonymous. A great way to share ideas or concerns that they are too shy to do openly.  The suggestion box is a powerful tool for your staff. It gives them a safe avenue to communicate things they might not otherwise feel comfortable doing. It shows you appreciate them by giving them every possible avenue of communication.

Love dogs?

Not every business allows or has the ability for such a thing, but if you have staff members who are pet parents, consider having a day where they can bring their pet. This is one of those methods of appreciation that you can also share with customers who might get a enjoyment out encountering a furry friend when they come in to do business. Be sure to post on social media!