…don’t have to come with a price tag. Mom always say the same thing when you ask what they want for birthdays and Mother’s Day – Don’t spend your money on me! It’s a broken record. So why not take her advice this year and create your own heartfelt , memorable Mother’s Day gift. And not one that comes from a store.

K-Cup Bath Bombs – They’re the bomb and she’ll absolutely LOVE it. Here’s what you’ll need: Used K-Cups,  Dried flowers,  Sprinkles,  Essential oil.  Lavender essential oil gives these mini bath bombs calming properties, while epsom salt helps soothe sore muscles and stuffy noses. Practical, easy and adorable!
Breakfast in Bed – Let’s face it, even a bowl of cereal tastes better when made with love. But she’s worth so much more than cheerios this Mother’s Day! Treat her to the creme de la creme of breakfasts…Creme Brule French Toast! She’ll absolutely love it!
Stamped Tea Towels – Perfect for Spring and even more perfect for Mom! You can use her favorite colors or pastel Spring colors. This is so easy to do, you may just want to make some for yourself. https://www.makinghomebase.com/diy-painted-tea-towel/

For the Gardening MomDecorating terracotta pots using fabric is very simple, inexpensive and so rewarding. If you don’t have any spare pots laying around the house, you can pick some plain terra cotta pots up cheaply. Use some old shirts or any fabric and design some bright, colorful Mother’s Day pots!

Hang Time – No, not surfing with Mom! Spending time with her. Sometimes the best gift for Mom is just hanging out. Have coffee. Watch a movie. Make dinner together. Bake cookies. You get the gist!
Mother’s Day Gift Basket – This is where you can really make her gift personal and pull on her heart strings.  I’m sure you or someone you know has a basket laying around. Next, pick out some of her favorite things that she wouldn’t necessarily buy for herself. Here are some ideas for Mom’s gift basket: candle, magazines, phone case, chocolates, cookies, scarf, sun hat, wallet. The possibilities are simply endless with gift baskets. After all, isn’t she worth it?
Plush Slipper Gift Set – Mom’s can never have too many fuzzy slippers. Tuck some of her favorite things inside (Nail polish, lip balm, facial mask, chocolates) and tie with a bow and Viola!