Okay, let’s talk wedding gift ideas. It’s most likely that you’re probably popping a check in an envelope. Admit it, it’s just easy. Or possibly ordering that boring unique wedding gift, from the wedding registry and putting all your creative effort into the prettiest gift wrap you can find. So why can’t you buy what YOU want and what you think is COOL? That would be nice, but so is being respectful of your friends’ actual wants and needs. Let’s get real…it’s 2019. And sometimes the newly wed couple doesn’t realize what they really want until they get it. To get daydreaming on the most unique wedding gift ideas ever – read on!

We’re not going totally rogue here , so we’re going to try to stick mainly with items to help the couple build up their “new home,” as tradition goes. After all, even if they’ve been living together for a decade, chances are they don’t have everything!  Now, let’s shop and have some fun!

Personalized Wine Box


Personalized Sign for the Home

Personalized Bamboo Cutting Board

Personalized Wine Gift Baskets


Personalized Coasters