Mother’s Day is around the corner and we’re so excited to brainstorm some unique Mother’s day activities! With the world in constant state of change (thanks COVID), you’ll want to plan a couple options. This way if case last minute changes in public health guidelines make your initial plans unlikely to happen, you’ll have a solid plan B to fall back on and Mom will still have an amazing Mother’s Day. The moms in our lives deserve the world.  And at the very least, they deserve to spend Mothers Day doing something special for their special day. Some moms want nothing more than to sit back, sip a cocktail, and enjoy some serenity. While other moms would love something a bit more exciting like a hike or bowling or bike riding. Every mom is different so when you’re making plans for this year’s Mother’s Day keep her unique preferences and personality in mind.

Have a Spa Day

Research a local spa and schedule mom some well deserved me time. If you want to make it a girl’s day — that would work too (and you get a little pampering out of it too). This is a simple activity that requires basic planning — just make the reservation!

Take her to Brunch

Make this just a mother-daughter/son activity or you could have the whole family to join in on the fun. You can make this a Mother’s Day brunch or dinner. Lots of flexibility here based on what you think mom would like best. Make a reservation at mom’s favorite local spot. If mom is the adventurous type, do some research and find a new location you think mom would enjoy.

Breakfast in bed

It’s simple and very traditional. Let mom sleep in while you make some of her favorites. Need some ideas? Try one of these recipes

Have a picnic

Everyone loves a good picnic, right? Providing the weather is cooperating, of course.  If mom loves the outdoors, this is a great way to enjoy some sweet and savory snacks surrounded by nature. Pack all the finger goodies you can think of, a cute blanket and maybe a small flower vase as the centerpiece.

 Head for the Outdoors

If mom loves to get sweaty, why not spend some time doing just that. Take the family bikes down to the park or to the nearest trail. Take a run with mom around the neighborhood to start the day sweating together or simply go for a long walk at a state park. If she’s feeling adventurous, dust off the roller blades!

Help Nurture Moms Green Thumb

If she loves nothing more than getting her hands dirty with some planting, give her a helping hand. Help her with whatever tasks need to be done and enjoy spending time together. She’ll appreciate your help and the quality time.

Dinner and a movie

Sometimes the old faithful date night ideas are true winners. When was the last time you went to the movies with Mom?  Or sat on the couch and watched a flick or two? Let mom choose the movie and oh, and don’t forget the popcorn.