To gift or not to gift. That’s really the question, right? Cash? Registry? How much? There are so many questions when it comes to weddings and gifting. Don’t worry. Take a deep breath. It’s a lot easier than you thought. We’ve gathered a variety of answers to your most sought after questions! Remember, when you buy someone a gift, it should never be out of obligation.

1. It’s absolutely okay and acceptable to buy off of the registry according to the general population. The registry is simply a guideline to what the newly weds want or need.

2. Is cash better than a gift? Not necessarily, but it can be tricky. The amount may appear to be very generous and thoughtful to one couple and lacking with another. There’s not a rule of thumb on how much is enough or not enough when gifting cash. Perhaps purchasing a gift certificate to a store on their registry may be a safer option.

3. What if the registry is filled with pricey items that you can’t afford? Again, don’t feel obligated to buy from the list. Rather, give a meaningful gift within your budget constraints. A gift basket is very versatile. You can’t go wrong with a wine or champagne basket to toast the memorable occasion.

4. Is it expected for you to purchase a gift from the registry when you’re already in the wedding party and attending or even hosting the shower? The short answer is no. However, it would be thoughtful to give a card with a heartfelt, meaningful message or even a small plaque for their home.

5. How much cash is expected in a gift? Thankfully, there’s not a standard to go by. It’s really what you can afford. And to that end, there’s no rule that you must give a gift/cash. if your situation doesn’t allow for it, again, a meaningful card is perfect.