If you have ever bought or sold a house, you know that closing gifts are a common courtesy provided by realtors. It’s a way for your realtor to thank you for your business and congratulate you on your new transition. The best closing gifts tend to be ones that are both thoughtful and practical, and which can be used as you settle in to your new home. In real estate referrals and repeat business are extremely important. Let’s face it, buying or selling home can be a painful experience, so let’s end it on a high note!

Less common, but still always appreciated, are closing gifts from clients to their realtors. It’s not generally expected that you will provide a closing gift to your realtor, since, after all, you are a paying customer. But if you really enjoyed your time working together and you know that your realtor went above and beyond for you, there’s no harm in showing a bit of extra gratitude with a gift. Here are some of the best closing gifts both to and from realtors.

Best closing gifts to clients

Some realtors love to get creative when it comes to their closing gifts. Especially if they’ve built up a good relationship with their client, they want to give a gift that shows some thoughtfulness and care, and that the client can actually use in their new home—even if that just means displaying it for everyone to see.
One thing to think about when giving a closing gift to a client is whether or not you should use it as an advertising opportunity. Some realtors put their name and face on a closing gift in the hopes that it might catch the eye of another potential buyer or seller.

  1. Cutting board with the realtors name and logo
  2. Etched wine glasses
  3. The traditional coffee mug(s)
  4. Universal phone charger
  5. Blanket/Throw

Not all gifts need to be branded. Here are some other fantastic options for closing gifts:

  1. Door Mat – Welcome your clients to their new home—as well as everyone else who comes to visit—with a welcome mat.
  2. Decorative flower vase – What a great welcome to their new home than walking in and seeing a beautiful floral arrangement.
  3. Smart technology. Help your client enjoy their new place with a fun and practical gadget they can get real utility out of. A smart doorbell, thermostat, or vacuum, or a virtual home assistant like the Amazon Echo or Google Home, packs a big “wow” factor and will certainly get a lot of use.
  4. Housewarming Gift Basket – Whether they are buying or selling, putting together a custom gift basket with their favorite snacks, wine, and gourmet treats  will hit a home run. If they have pets, include toys and treats for their furry kids. If they have a pool, include pool toys, towels and sunscreen.

Best closing gifts to realtors

If you’re a buyer or seller who’s interested in showing your gratitude to your real estate agent with a gift, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed by your options. There’s a good chance you’ve built a nice relationship along the way, so you have the inside scoop on what they like. There are a lot good potential realtor gifts our there to choose from.


  1. A gift certificate to a nice restaurant – A good way to say “thank you” is to treat your realtor to a nice meal. Choose a restaurant that you know is convenient for them. You don’t have to completely splurge on the amount, but it should cover at least one meal and one drink.
  2. An engraved business card case – Realtors are always handing out their business cards, so give a gift that not only helps them stay organized but also increases their style factor.
  3. Thank You gift basket – Same premise as realtor to client. Customize a gift basket with some of their favorite snacks. Do they drink wine – Wine gift basket. Have pets – Pet gift basket. If you don’t know them well enough a delicious gourmet and snack basket is sure to deliver the message.
  4. Chocolates or Cupcakes – Who doesn’t get excited over a box of delicious chocolates or treats?
  5. A portable phone charger – Realtors are always on the go, and like all of us, their phone battery doesn’t always last as long as they need it to.

The great thing about real estate closing gifts is that there is no pressure to get that perfect something. Instead, focus on finding a gift that they can get use out of, and that aligns with the information that you know about them. It’s the thought that counts and helps creating a lasting relationship. So have some fun with it and don’t get stressed out trying to come up with that one thing they can’t live without. The closing gift to or from the realtor is like the cherry on top!

Happy gifting!